What shall I do? I am in a total dilemma, don’t know which direction to go. I have two options to choose now:

  1. Resign from my job, and focus on healing my neck & back pain with consequences that I will be happy on the first month because I am free from all the hard works and later to that I will be very cranky because I have nothing to do at home except cooking and waiting for my hubby to come home, AND the family income drops drastically. That sounds stressful, huh?
  2. Keep working, and try to maintain at least twice a week hydrotherapy plus once a week swimming lesson with consequences I will suffer from the pain and the possibility of always cancelling the hydrotherapy session, but the family income is still in safe condition.

O well, we’ll see. Tonight I will go to hospital to get my X-Ray result, and will meet the doctor tomorrow which also might be cancelled 😦


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