Yuuuhuuuu! it’s already a new year .. time flies real fast, huh?

what have you done so far? ME? nothing much different. work life, i got promoted and almost resigned from my job, hehehe 😀 life other work .. me and hubby went to several places, been to my hometown several times, and things were getting better expect our health side. Guess we ate too much, too much good and unhealthy foods, our cholesterol went up like a rocket, that’s not good at all… so i’m hoping next year we’ll be healthier. try to eat less unhealthy food, less sweets , no more teh botol, teh kotak .. wow.. not no more, maybe less .. still can’t resist not to have them in my life. hehehe .. and hoping for more promotion this yearrrrr.. i want a better job and more challenge to my life 😉