Gak terasa udah mau akhir bulan februari? Walah, berarti blog nya udah ditinggal hampir 2 bulan.

Too many things happened, and everything just happened very sudden, out of nowhere. Believe it or not, up until today, I have only been working in office for maybe about 3 weeks! Yessshhh! unbelievable rite? Yup, my boss was out of town, out of country several times, which means I am allowed to stay at home, which ended up I didn’t. I had to fly twice to Singapore, accompanying my mom for my uncle’s surgery. The surgery went well, my uncle is doing fine now, and lucky I got a chance to have my treatment three times in Singapore. Kinda miss Dr. Huang, my Chinese-treatment-expert *lying* .. it is painful, but I like how it feels after the treatment. and bad news, he said my condition is not any better than my condition two years ago 😦 I hope my boss will have many long-business trip this year, so I can go back and forth to Singapore for my treatment .. or, I hope I can quit from my job anytime soon? 😀

A week after I was back from Spore, I took my leave. YAAYYY!!! me and hubby were off to several cities. The initial plan actually to take several days leave to attend my cousin’s wedding in Semarang, somewhere in Central Java, then the plan continued from there.. We took 6 working days leave, and we went to Semarang, Jogjakarta, Bali and Surabaya. I totally enjoyed the trip. I hope I will have the chance to share the trip detail this weekend 🙂

Off I go now.. gotta upload pictures from my cousin’s wedding to my FB, and some pictures from our holiday. Looking forward for another unplanned holiday 😉


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