dreamS come true

I am thankful and blessed truly because finally my dream has come true. Never crossed in my mind, a dream of myself when I was a little girl would ever come true. I did have several dreams.. to have a beauty salon, restaurant, to be a stewardess and of course to be a housewife. As I grew up, I knew, being a housewife and to have a restaurant are what I want since I have much passion on culinary. How can I not feel blessed if both of my dreams come true? I am a housewife now, and soon my dream to have a restaurant of my own becomes a reality.

I must be thankful. Not everyone can live on his/her dream and even some people do not know what their passions are, and even if they know, they might not have a chance like I do have. I am blessed, truly blessed. I never regret my decision to quit from my decent job, working in the largest bank in China or even in the world with quite decent position. I am proud of myself because I stood for what I am. I never did do what my friends do now there, licking my ex-boss’ ass for the sake of good income and position and even tried to backstab me? Poor you guys. Really.

Actually, it was just my thought that I delivered to my husband and my mom that I want to open a restaurant. My hubby fully supports me on this, but not my mom at the beginning. She once had two restaurants opened at two different period of time, and they didn’t last long. She said it was too tiring.. anyway, in my opinion, my mom was also busy with her major business at that time. It took me several weeks to convince my mom and even my nanny and my mother in law that this is what I want in my life and I will not push myself too hard on this knowing my own condition. Finally, they approved, and even give the best supports they could ever give.

Keep dreaming and never give up guys, and who knows there is a path right in front of you to realize your dream.







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