We are Pregnant

Yup, the title says it all. After a loooong wait to share to the whole universe, we are joyful to say that:


Our baby miracle is on his/her way, we are now 13 weeks pregnant.

All of you must have known that it has been a struggle for us to have a baby. After a failed IUI, and failed IVF last December, God has HIS own perfect plan for our lives.

I have posted on my facebook, how my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and all I wanted was a baby, and Dear God fulfilled my wish in His own way.  3 days before my birthday, we found out that we’re pregnant, and we conceived naturally without any medical treatment.

How Did We Find Out?

Hubby was sick for 4 days, and I became a full time housewife taking care of my husband. On March 3rd around midnight I woke up, I realized that my period had been 3 days late, but I thought it could be because of the injection that I had.. since I was also 3 days late the previous month. So, I went back to sleep. The next morning, I had my first morning pee, and my period hadn’t come yet. In the middle of me peeing, I remembered I had a pregnancy test at home, so I held my pee, looking for the test pack and I found one. I peed on it, then I put it on the floor. I didn’t want to really see it, because I had seen soooo many negative result, so when I picked it up few minutes later, I didn’t have much expectation. But then, I was shocked, I saw TWO STRIPES on it, and my hand was shaking, I couldn’t stop shaking.. I ran outside the bathroom to find my husband who’s still very weak sitting at the sofa.. and I told him.. “I think we’re pregnant”

He was stunned.. and there goes the stupid conversation..

Ivan: Kok bisa? (How come?) Let me see it. How do you know if it’s pregnant? *And I was crying and crying hugging Ivan, and said “Why God is so very kind to us?*
Me: It’s two lines, it means that we’re pregnant
Ivan : let me see the instruction
Me : -.-“
Ivan: are you sure it’s right? maybe you took the test wrong
Me: So, do you want to see doctor Nando or not?
Ivan: you should take another test, if it’s positive then we go see doctor.
Me: okay.. let me finish my work first, then I’ll do another test.

I was still shaking and speechless, and I sent the picture of the testpack to our friend to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming. and she was soooo excited and said you’re definitely pregnant, Ping.  I called my mom, and I cried.. and my mom was soooo happy, and screaming like crazy. Haha! That was one of the best moment.


I went down to Kedai, finished all the orders first, while my mind was everywhere, and I couldn’t wait to buy new test packs. Right after I finished my work, I went downstairs and got myself two test packs, and I did the test at the public toilet.. and I was soooo nervous, and afraid that what if it’s only one line. and there were two lines! I sent the picture to Ivan, and he said, okay we go see dr Nando. I called BIC (Bunda International Clinic) around 9 am, and the nurse said the doctor will only be there until 10 am, and we rushed to the hospitals.

We waited anxiously to see the doctor, and the first thing Ivan did when we saw the doctor, he brought a green plastic bag contained 3 test packs, and showed it to the doctor.

Ivan: Ini Dok.. tadi pagi test begini… “This, doc.. we got these this morning”
dr Nando: waaah ini mah udah hamil .. yuk kita usg. (waah, this is definitely pregnant, let’s do the ultrasound”

and we did our first ultrasound, and dr Nando found the little sac of our baby. and my tears of joy couldn’t stop dropping… *and I am still crying writing this blog*  That’s the feeling that I will never forget, and all I could say many times during the ultrasound “Thank you Lord.. Thank You…”

We took the blood test, beta HcG to make sure that we’re pregnant, and other tests. and I couldn’t wait to call the nurse to know the result. I called at 5ish PM, and the nurse said the number is 672 and I should whatsapp dr Nando to understand the result. I asked the nurse, what’s the number to be diagnosed with pregnant, she said 5. So I said to the nurse, Sus.. 5 to 672 is very farrrr.. that means I’m pregnant right? and the nurse still said, Ibu, you better whatsapp dr Nando. oh Cr*p I thought, what’s going on…

I whatsapp dr Nando and he replied very late which made me even more anxious . I couldn’t focus on my friend’s surprise birthday, kept checking on my phone waited for reply from dr Nando. and he finally replied and he Said..” that means Ibu is pregnant, and very good. Congratulations!  and you can come see me again next week”

WoooW!!!! That was a huge relief, and I was over the moon. And that is the same day we had our church fellowship, and my husband shared the news to our closest friends who never stopped praying for us. It was magical, and unforgettable experience.

Week 5, we went to see dr Nando, and heard our baby’s heart beat for the first time. It’s just an incredible experience, I can’t describe it, and again.. my tears of joy cannot stop dropping. and all dr Nando said.. this is the miracle baby yaaa.. after 8,5 years of waiting..


Yes.. Indeed our baby is a miracle 🙂


the IVF Journey – Part 2 (end)

December 5, 2015

2nd day of my period we went to see Dr Ivan to discuss what’s the next step for us. We did the ultrasound and this month Dr Ivan found 4 follicles on my left ovary and only 1 on the right side. Since there were not many follicles, dr Ivan decided to increase the injection dose to 300 iu of Gonal F on the first four days (where normally for women at my age will only need 200 iu), expecting that the 5 follicles will all grow bigger and the follicles that can’t be seen yet will also grow. We decided to do the injection by ourselves at home so we don’t have to go back and forth to the clinic.


December 9, 2015

5th day, Doctor Ivan would like to see the progress of our follicles, so we went to the clinic to do another ultrasound. Since it was a public holiday, we didn’t see dr Ivan but dr Nando. and surprisingly only 3 follicles that responded well to the injenctions, sizing 14 mm, 15 mm, and 9 mm. Dr Ivan asked to continue the injection with the same dose for the next 4 days with additional injection of cetrotide everyday (to hold the follicles from releasing themselves).

December 13, 2015

9th day after 8 day of injections, we did another ultrasound with dr Nando. surprisingly the follicles became four of them! However, only two seemed mature enough to be fertilized. Dr Ivan scheduled us to do ovidrel injection (injection to release the follicles) at 9 PM sharp, and this time the injection must be done at the hospital by the nurse. Afraid that we would be late because of the traffic, we decided to leave apartment early to have dinner around the hospital, and we managed to arrive at the hospital at 8.45 PM and waited patiently until 9 PM for the injection.

December 14, 2015

no activity, no more injection. It’s my free day 🙂

December 15, 2015

OPU - Ovum Pick Upthe OPU (ovum pick up) day. we were scheduled at 9 AM, the first patient to undergo the procedure. I was put into full sleep, so knew nothing and it’s my very first experience having myself being fully sedated. What i remember was the nurse was talking to me, asking my full name, my date of birth, my husband’s name, my husband’s date of birth .. which I haven’t answered in full .. and the next thing I remembered was that I was already in the recovery room. and the first thing I did was looking at my palm (the nurse would usually write down how many eggs/follicles were retrieved), and there’s nothing on my palm. I was very scared and panic, and when I saw the nurse passed by, I call her and said … Sus, telur saya berapa? (Nurse, how many eggs do I have?) and she said “there were 4 retreived but only 3 can be used” (then she wrote the number on my palm haha) . and my tears suddenly dropped.. Thank you God, I don’t have many eggs, but You gave me enough good eggs. And then I asked the nurse to call my husband to accompany me until I was fully recovered before we’re heading home.




December 17, 2015

A call that I was scared to make, but my friend asked me to do it. A call to the clinic to check how many eggs were fertilized and how many have become embryos. I was sooo scared that none made it, and when the embryologist told me “Bu, there were 4 eggs retrieved, but only 3 that we can use, and all three of them manged to be fertilized, so you have 3 embryos which we will not find out the quality yet until tomorrow”. Oh my God!! that was one happiest call that I ever made.. I cried and couldn’t stop thanking God and the embryologist. I have read so many people have sooo many eggs,but only few made it to be fertilized. For me having only 4 eggs, and 3 of them made it to become embryos, that is something! really! and the embryologist informed us to come the next day for the ET (Embryo Transfer)

December 18, 2015

8 am – we arrived at the clinic. This is the day where we found out the quality of our embryos. There were 2 good embryos and 1 poor embryo. The news that totally blew us away. But we have decided that we wanted to wait until the 5th day after the OPU for the ET. The embryologist insisted that we should do it that day, because we only had 3 embryos which they believed that there is a high possibility that none of our embryos would make it to day 5. But we had decided and were very firm with our decision that we wanted to do the transfer of day 5. Why is that? you can actually read it here . Basically, on day 3, the embryo mostly only form 8 cell embryo, which we can’t predict the condition of the embryo on day 5. Even at its excellent condition on day 3, it can suddenly drop to poor condition. While if we wait until day 5, we can see which embryo is the best one, the strongest one, and usually by day 5, the embryo has become a blastocyst form. So there it is, we waited until day 5 and finally dr Ivan and the embryologist approved our decision.

December 20, 2015

ET - Embryo Transferthe ET. we arrived at the clinic 8 am, waited for the embryologist anxiously. We knew we took the risk that we would have zero embryo left, so when the embryologist called out, I couldn’t stop babbling and praying before going inside the room. The embryologist showed us the picture of our good embryo, we didn’t understand what did the picture meant until he explained that the embryo didn’t make it into day 5. My heart dropped to the lowest point, and I couldn’t stop thinking.. how about the other two if the good one can’t make it? But God loves us.. the next embryo he showed us, he said.. this one good embryo made it to “early blastocyst” stage, so we can transfer this one, while the poor one didn’t make it too. Praise the Looorrd!! God is good. He answered my husband’s prayer that he prefers to have one child rather than a twinnies :)) So there we gooo, the transfer.. no sedation, its just like an IUI procedure, no pain at all.  I had to keep my bladder full so the doctor can easily see the way to the uterus, and waited for an hour before I can leave the clinic. My tears dropped when the doctor said.. this is the embryo, and it’s inside already and you can see it on the monitor, the little white spot, that is your embryo. It’s an amaaazzzinggg feeling that you can’t describe. the tears of joy, tears of happiness.. I have an embryo inside me that I loved him/her already.



December 20-December 31, 2015

The Two Week Wait (2WW) was the most difficult part of the journey. I had a full bed rest for 2 days, and home rest for the next 2 days before I started my light activities. I’m so lucky that I have a supporting family, friends, and a helper. My home helper cooked for me everyday, and took care of me while my husband is away for work. I still eat 6 white eggs every day, one avocado per day (thank you Gojek and ice Juice Kedung Sari, you saved my life when I can’t find good avocados!) and many medications to take including the lovenox injection every day, however.. I enjoy every single thing of it. I decided that I will do this with all of my heart, and never take this as a burden. Of course there was always a doubt, nervousness and sooo many what ifs. What if this IVF failed? What if this IVF works? But, I have no doubt whatever the result is the best solution that God gives us. There must a reason why it works, or why it doesn’t work. All I can do everyday was just praying, and try to say it to myself, whatever the result is .. believe that is the best one for us.

December 30, 2015

very painful cramp on my tummy and low back pain hit me, so I decided to do a home pregnancy test which my husband didn’t know about it.. and it’s a very fine line, just one line. I cried myself at 5 AM, while my husband was still sleeping. I knew deep inside that my period is coming, this is not working, but seeing my husband was very hopeful, I just tried to talk to myself, It’s okay ping.. it’s okay.. you can do it, and don’t lose faith. Some people is having period like symptom but its actually a positive pregnancy.

December 31, 2015

the wait is finally over, this is the day I would find out the result. We went to the clinic at 10ish am for the blood test, and waited anxiously for the next 5 hours. I went to Gandaria City with my friends, and we got the result at around 4.30 PM. I didn’t dare to ask the result to the nurse, so I asked my husband to ask. He was going to the car to put some stuffs while we’re waiting for the result, and I was already sitting at Pizza Hut about to order my afternoon snack. Then my husband showed up..

I could see from his face.. he’s trying to be calm, and all I could ask “Its a negative, right?” and he nodded his head. my tears dropped… totally dropped at the restaurant. He said to me.. “its okay to fail, bluki .. believe me that this is the best God gives us for now. Maybe if the pregnancy continue, the baby will not be a healthy one, so God made it fail. It’s okay…”

Yes, it is painful, yes it is very sad.. I had one fail IUI, and I also cried when I failed. This time around, I didn’t expect myself that I would cry and sad this much. But my best friend told me.. “its okay to cry, Kum.. its normal” and yess.. I cried and I cried.

I cried when I told my mom… I’m very sad that I still cannot give my parents a grandchild, but my mom is the strongest woman on earth… she said “It’s okay to fail, Nak.. everything in life needs time.. God’s timing is always perfect, maybe this is not the time yet from God, but you have to be faithful, you can see how God can change your husband (this I will share maybe in the future), it took times.. and Mama believes that God will also give you a beautiful and healthy baby at His time. don’t be sad.. Mama can give you everything in your life, but this one (a child) Mama cannot.. If Mama could do it, Mama would Nak ..” I know deep inside her heart, my mom is also torn away.. but she must be stronger than me, then I told myself, yes, my mom is correct, my husband is correct, and my best friends are also correct. I have to be strong and don’t lost faith and hope, and believe that God’s timing is always the best timing, and God has a beautiful plan upon our lives. Are we still going to do it? YES, of course we will. We currently stop taking all the remaining medication, and still waiting for my period to come before we can see dr Ivan again to discuss what’s the next plan for us.

This is not the best New Year’s gift.. not the best news to start a new day in 2016, but I cherish every moment of it. I thank God that I got to experience this whole IVF process, I’m blessed that I am surrounded by the best people in my life. I take the positive and the bright side of this journey.. This journey will make me a better and stronger person to walk in the new year with new hope, and new spirit. For those out there who is going thru the same as I do, don’t give up and don’t lose faith and hope. There is always a way when we believe.





the IVF journey – part 1

I don’t know where to start..  but I have decided myself, whether it is a success or fail procedures, I will post my IVF journey. I believe there are a lot of people out there who have been struggling about the same thing as mine, that is “Trying to Conceive” (TTC).

For some of my closest friends, they knew how we have tried so hard to have a child, but for some people, they might just wonder, why we don’t have a child until now even though we have been married for 8,5 years. Sooo many questions came to me, to us, and I thank God that I was never been down being asked those questions.. my answer was always easy “we try, but it’s all depends on God’s timing. your prayer may help us” 🙂 The most difficult one was actually if the question came from my parents. That makes me sad, really sad, because as a child I consider myself a failure, failure to make my parents happy.. failure to give a grandchild to my parents.

We had visited many doctors, we tried all kind of TTC treatments, from natural one, IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) or famously known as “inseminasi buatan” in Indonesian. and now, we are at the very last shot, we’re doing the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) or “bayi tabung”.

It is truly a roller coaster ride to both of us, but I’m thankful that I have a supporting and loving husband, and family and friends who never stops praying for us *my tears literally drop while i’m typing this*. It was not an easy journey at all.

A call from my step-dad, made me finally brave enough to start the IVF which then lead us to the question “which doctor we’re going to see?” So, we decided to see dr Ivan Sini at Bunda International Clinic (BIC), which we have seen him 5 years ago (and fyi, my husband didn’t like him at all). At that time, we were still very young, so dr Ivan took it very easy and not taking any action except asking us to try conceiving naturally. But this time when we first saw him again on 12th 2015, i brought my old patient book, and he laughed.. so still no change? then it’s about time for us to do the IVF. haaaa!!

So what made us choose dr Ivan Sini even though my husband never really liked him? First, we have been praying together asking God to choose the most suitable doctor for us, and we found that Dr Ivan Sini is the right one. My husband wants to do the IVF in Jakarta, not Surabaya or Penang like I wanted to at the beginning, his excuse was.. “if we do it outside Jakarta, we’ll be apart for two weeks, and I cannot see your face everyday” hahaha. He never said such thing to me, so I reaaaallllyyyy took it very personally and hearing that brought me to tears.

Then, I believe this was not a coincidence that when we’re doubting whether we’ll go to IVF, we’re introduced to a couple which also have the same struggles to have a child. We’re married on the same year, only a month apart, but they have gooneee thru much more treatments than us, and they finally have a super beautiful baby girl after their 3rd IVF which they had it with Dr Ivan Sini. So we were able to share and discuss a lot with them, we can’t thank God enough how bless we are to know them, we’re totally blind about this IVF thing, and BOOM!! God sent us this couple.

What happened on our first consultation with dr Ivan about our issue? Dr Ivan found that my eggs reserves were not as many as they supposed to be. He only could find 4 follicles, which normally for women at my age will have at least 10 follicles at the beginning of the cycle. That totally blew me away, I almost cried on the spot, but Dr Ivan was quite positive, so I became positive. And I remember our friends told us, we only need one egg and one sperm to have a child, that was a total relief for me. and the doctor then asked us to do the blood tests, the screening test (HIV, hepatitis, AMH, and TORCH for me … and HIV, Hepatitis and sperm analysis for my husband) before we start the IVF procedure. The doctor also gave us a contact number, a nurse who will be in charge of taking care of all IVF patients, and I have to let the nurse know when my period comes the next month.

and the journey continues … I will share on my next post.

and for my other friends, and families whom we didn’t share our IVF plan.. come on, get a life! U guys should understand that it is not an easy journey. I don’t want people to keep asking me which will stress me out, and I hate the feeling if I failed the process then I have to explain everything all over again which will make me very sad to remember all that. I know some of our friends got very angry to not be shared about this, but hey, this is our life, and this is our rights to decide whom we want to share. Not all my families know about this, then why would we bother to share this to others?

from one bazaar to another


mau cerita dikit soal “new (somewhat) addiction”, yaitu keranjingan ikut bazaar. hihi. Sebenernya ide awal ikut-ikutan bazaar itu udah dari sejak buka Kedai, dgn tujuan tak lain dan tak bukan adalah PROMOSI. Iya lah, untung level pemula dan minim relasi media, pasti susah buat ngenalin produk yang gue jual. Tapi buat tembus dapet stan di bazaar itu ternyata gak gampang, sodara-sodara! Bbrp kali nelp EO, selalu sudah kecolongan sampe akhirnya dapet kesempatan ikut di tanggal 25-28 September di Plaza Bapindo.

Banyak pengalaman ikut bazaar, dari yang plus sampe yg minus ya. Pelajaran baru, bayar extra sama dengan bayar uang sekolah 🙂 Yang gue maksud bayar uang sekolah tuh, pertama gue bayar bazaar, gue diminta bayar extra 500rb untuk bayar extra listrik karena gue pake penggorengan listrik krn bawa tabung gas itu ga boleh dipake. secara gue tipe orang yg (dlm hal tertentu) pasti ngikutin aturan main, gue pun bayar dan semua LUNAS di muka sebelum bazaar dimulai seperti ketentuan yang ada di kontrak. Nah, pelajaran yang gw bayar adalah.. ternyata, gak ada satu stan pun yang bayar extra 500rb itu walaupun mrk juga pake penggorengan listrik yang sama kaya gue tarikan daya listriknya, dan harga sewa stan pun sama.. plussss mrk pun baru bayar lunasnya pas hari terakhir bazaar. Ok deh, lesson learned, next bazaar, gak mau bayar listrik. Hasil dari bayar sewa, dan bayar listrik, plus EO yang GAK OK karena ga ada promosi, bazaar minggu pertama gue minus, gak even balik modal.

Kapok kah gue? ENGGA donk! msih penasaran, apalagi gue udah deposit untuk minggu berikutnya di tanggal 2-5 Oktober. Suami sih udah stengah keberatan gue ngikut bazaar lagi, maunya udah dihangusin aja uang depositnya secara pengalaman minggu lalunya rugi, dan gue tiap hari extra cape bangun lebih pagi dan harus anter jemput karyawan di Bapindo. tp gue gak rela soalnya penasaran banget. Minggu kedua, gue GAK bayar listrik, bawa kompor portable, modal tabung gas portable yang harga per tabung 10rb aja, sehari max pake 1,5 tabung. hasilnya, sales minggu kedua OK. gak profit gede, tapi ada hasilnya 🙂

Positifnya, gue jadi nambah banyak temen.. sharing pengalaman banyak sama sesama peserta bazaar. Banyak loh yang gak punya toko/restoran dan hidup dari bazaar2, bahkan ada om tante suami istri yang udah ikutan bazaar lbh dr 10 tahun dan selalu jualan donat. salut deh sama om sm tante itu.

Next nya, gue ambil event yg lebih gede, INA CULINARY 2012, di parkir timur senayan 19-21 Oktober. Tapi boleh dibilang ini acara ngaco, terlalu banyak janji, dan semua gak ditepatin, yang akhirnya banyak peserta kecewa. Contoh janji2nya:
1. dijanjiin crowd 50rb (nyatanya, gue rasa ga sampe 1/5 dari itu yang dateng),
2. dijanjiin stan ukuran 3x3m,nyatanya cuma 2.5×2.5m, gue baru ngeh dr stan lain yg complain minta refund
3. bakal dikasih buku ttg INA culinary beserta profil peserta, nyatanya sampe hari ini pun ga dapet tuh 😀

bukan sombong bukan congkak, untungnya stan gue selama INA Culinary itu termasuk rame. Gue tadinya cuma expect balik modal sewa stan dan bahan, ternyata masih dpt profit dan bisa bagi2 rejeki extra ke karyawan2 gue walaupun kita jual dgn harga promosi jauh di bawah harga jual di kedai. Bersyukur banyak yang suka, banyak yg ngambil brosur dan kartu nama kita, karena emang itu tujuan awalnya, yaitu buat promosi. Yang paling mengesankan, waktu Chef Vindex lewat dan mau mampir, bahkan ada bawa pulang loh 🙂 yang ga tau chef Vindex artinya ga pernah nonton masterchef Indonesia. hehe.

What’s next? Gue mau nyobain EO lain untuk bazaar di Bapindo tanggal 6-9 november ini. Sepertinya jauh lebih baik dari bazaar bapindo akhir september & awal oktober kemarin. EO yang kali ini terlihat lebih rapi dan profesional cara kerjanya. Semoga perkiraan gue bener. Kalo bagus, gue ikutan lagi deh yang akhir November dgn EO ini, dgn catatan bazaar di SME Tower gak jadi. Kemarin pas di INA Culinary ada bapak2 dari kementrian UKM nawarin untuk bazaar disana, hihi.

foto2 bazaar bapindo maupun Ina Culinary, bisa diliat disini ya:

kecil-kecil si cabe rawit

gambar diambil dari google(dot)com

Yang kenal baik sama gue, pasti tau deh kalo gue itu pecinta makanan yang pedes2. Kalo ke restoran makanan Cina, pasti minta cabe rawit potong & kecap asin, dan cabe rawitnya gue gadoin. Kalo ke restoran makanan Sunda, pasti milihnya yang paling pedes, kalo ke tempat penyet2an, pasti milihnya yang super pedes. Kalo makan bakmi, sambelnya bisa 1/3 toples sendiri buat gue, kalo makan bakso sambelnya minimal 5 sendok makan 😛 Kalo pesen gado2/ketoprak, anak2 Kedai ataupun OB jaman dulu kerja uda hafal, gw minta rawitnya 10 atau 12. hehe. Kalo masak sendiri oseng2 sayuran, pasti rawitnya segambreng 😀 Bener2 ga kebayang kalo ga ada cabe rawit itu raib ga ada di dunia. Satu2nya bumbu masak yang gue ga pernah (ato pura2) ga ngeh harganya naik, ya mungkin si cabe rawit juga. Kalo harga ayam kampung ato daging naik di supermarket, pasti gue notice deh. haha. Suami pun pernah ngusulin kalo gue baiknya usaha bikin perkebunan rawit aja. LOL

Kenapa gue tiba2 iseng cerita soal si cabe ini.. soalnya gue lg bosen nungguin mobil dibenerin di bengkel, dan inget cerita semalem makan Soto Ayam di Foodhall.

Me: Mas, saya mau soto ayam satu ya, dikasih rawit dipotong2, rawitnya 10 ya, Mas..10 biji ya bukan potong
Koki: *muka bingung* –ini masnya beda nih, kalo yg biasa masakin gw sop buntutnya udah hafal sm gw hehe
–ga lama makanan dateng, gw icip msh blm cukup pedes, gw balik ke counter–
Me: Mas, sambel sotonya ga ada ya? kurang pedes nih.. *ngomong ke yang masak*
Koki: masih ga pedes bu? Masya Allah ..

itu masnya beneran kaget gitu, trus ngomong Masya Allah -nya sambil noleh ke temen2nya -.-” Perasaan msh ada lbh extreme dr gue deh kalo urusan makan pedes. Ga usah jauh2, Mama!! haha. Beneran, mama sih ekstrim sekali level makan cabenya. Kalo di Palembang mau beli gado2, dia bawa rawit sendiri saking sungkan sama masnya. Rawit di palembang sih kecil2, jadi kalo order gado2 gitu “Rawitnya 50 Mas” dan makanya dia bawa sendiri, karena takut tukang gado2nya tekor. LOL

Kalo di indo, cabe terpedes itu jenisnya rawit merah ya? Kalo dulu jaman kuliah di Canada, rawit kan susah dicari, harus ke Asian market gitu, nah tapi ada satu jenis cabe yang pedesnya naujubilah dah.. Namanya Habanero. Penampakannya kaya mirip paprika, tapi lebih kecil.

gambar dari google(dot)com

Kalo masak oseng labu siam ato sayur laen, cukup pake satu aja, rasanya uda kaya pake 15 cabe rawit kali. Pernah sekali gue iseng, masak oseng labu siam, pake 2 buah cabe habanero ini, ya ampun pedesnyaaaa. Gue aja nyerah! sampe ke ubun2 rasanya. haha. Nah kebetulan sepupu gue tuh suka banget sama oseng labu, dan malem itu dia msh belom pulang dari kampus, pas dia pulang gw kasih tau..

“Neng, hari ini tumis labunya enaaakkk banget”.

Jadilah dia ambil nasi dan labunya sebanyak2nya. Begitu dia makan satu suap, langsung megap2 kepedesan dan ngedumel2. hahaha! Jadi kangen masa2 kuliah disana, masa2 suka eksperimen masakan trus yang makannya lahap semua 😀 Oiya, satu lagi jenis masakan yang enak banget pake habanero ini, Babat Gongso. Enak bgt! tapi skrg udah lupa resepnya.. dan udah lost contact pula sm temen yg pernah share resepnya. jadi kebayang-bayang.

bertemu idola


Akhirnya ada waktu buat duduk dan berbagi cerita. Yang suka masak, ato pernah at least google cari resep, pasti deh pernah nyasar sampe ke http://www.resepnugraha.net atau buat bloggers pasti pernah juga baca http://www.keluarganugraha.net/story. Nah, gue beruntung banget berkesempatan untuk berjumpa dengan sang Nyonya rumah, Mba Astri Nugraha.

Sedikit tentang Mbak Astri. Gue pribadi sebelumnya ga pernah ketemu langsung, “ketemu”nya cuma lewat internet. Dari jaman gue kuliah di Canada dulu, link blog dan resepnya selalu ada di bookmark gue, bener2 keluarga idaman kalo diliat dari luar. Cerita blog Mba Astri sudah gue baca dari Mbak Astri belum punya anak, sampe sekarang anaknya sudah 4. Dari Mbak Astri msh kerja kantoran, sampe skrg Mbak Astri sudah punya usaha catering sendiri. Yang bikin semua orang “melihat” dan bertanya-tanya ke Mbak Astri, atau at least gue pribadi adalah:

  1. Kok bisa sih ngurus 4 anak sendirian di ostrali sana?
  2. Kok sempet2nya sih masih bisa ngecat dinding rumah sendiri, gardening sendiri (yang bukan sekedar nanem bunga seuprit2, tapi punya vegetables garden gilak!), bersih2 rumah sendiri
  3. dan yang lebih gila lagi… kok bisa sih punya usaha CATERING tanpa helper(s)? Eh skrg sih uda ada ya helper, tapi ga setiap hari pun. Cateringnya pun bukan catering maen2 yah, temans.. coba deh diintip mammoscooking.com , daftar menu dan hasil karya Mba Astri sendirian. Gue ngebayangin hias tumpeng dan masak teman2nya itu sendiri uda migrain sendiri. Gue ngerasain ngegunting daun, buat hiasan cabe doang aja uda semaput. Gimana itu Mba Astri bisa ngegunting, ngelipet daun, bikin pager dr kacang panjang, bikin hiasan dari timun, wortel, cabe dan lain lain itu sendirian while harus masak lauk lain dan ngurus anak, ngurus rumah, ngurus kebon, nganter makanan sendiri… Ah sudah, jgn dibahas, bisa gila! haha.
  4. Kebayang yah gimana senengnya gue ini sbg salah satu penggemarnya, bisa punya kesempatan bertemu langsung dengan Mbak Astri yang jarang2 pulang ke Indonesia. Inipun ceritanya bener2 ga disangka. Dari status Facebook Mba Astri yang lagi nyari orang yg bersedia dapur restorannya diintip, eh temen gue si Tiara ada komen yang kira2 isinya menanyakan ada spesifik restoran ga yang dicari dan di cc ke gue. Karena gue di mention sama Tiara, jadinya gue aware, dan stlh mikir maju mundur bbrp saat, gue memberanikan diri buat private message ke Mba Atli kalo gue bersedia dapurnya diintip, tapinya warung gue ini kecil sekali hanya 30 sqm dan jangan kaget kalo masuk ke dapurnya bla bla. Eh tau2nya dibales Mbak Astri mau mampir. WOW! itu udah dari sekitar 2-3 bulan sebelum kedatangan Mba Astri ke Indonesia, dan gue udah excited dr saat itu pun dan sambil harap2 cemas jadi ato engganya -.-” Thank you ya, Titi … *hugs*

Sampe akhirnya sempet ber-SMS ria, akhirnya set hari di tanggal 15 September 2012 kemarin, Mbak Astri beneran mampir ke Kedai. Sebenernya Kedai selalu tutup setiap Sabtu, tapi emang dasar gue niat mau ketemu Mbak Astri sekalian ngasih alat cetakan pempek keriting, gue buka Kedai ala kadarnya aja karena emang niatnya gue ingin bales berbagi dgn Mbak Astri yang udah ngajarin banyak ke gue dari dunia virtual ini. Suami sendiri sempet bengong pas gue bilang mau buka buat Mbak Astri, jam 11-2 aja, suami sendiri sih lebih prefer ketemu sama Mbak Maia yang notabone itu adiknya Mba Astri, tapi kalo gue sendiri ga prioritas sama Mbak Maia nya (maap ya Mba), dan gue jelasin ke suami kalo gue ini bisa masak ada andil dari Mbak Astri, banyak banget belajar dari Mbak Astri, dan gak ada salahnya gue bisa berbagi sedikit. Gue bukan jagoan bikin pempek, tapi kebetulan bisa dan hidupnya dari sini, seberapa ilmu yang gue punya, gue bagi semampu gue.

Tanggal 15nya, gue bangun spt biasa, mandi, ngopi, dandan sedikit, trus ke Kedai ngepel dan siap2in Kedainya. hihi. Jam 11:01 dpt sms dr Mbak Astri ngasih tau kalo bakal telat. bener2 tipikal western, telat semenit aja jadi masalah *cocok nih* trus gue sms ngasih tau ancer2 lokasi Kedai dan baiknya parkir dimana sembari gw pipis.. eh begitu gw keluar dr toilet ngeliat seseorang yang mukanya familiar sekali, lgsg gw tembak “Mbak Astri ya?” .. dan kayanya dijawab “Mala yah?”

Nah ini nih yang bikin gue agak kaget.. di balik penampilannya yang cantik, kemayu itu.. suaranya nge BASS bok! hahahaha. *maap ya Mba* beneran kanget.. dan percakapan di mulai dr sana, ga pake rasa malu, gw lgsg bawel bener kayanya -.- .. bikin malu diri sendiri deh dengan kebawelan gue. hehehe. Dan lucunya, semuanya tuh berjalan kaya udah kenal lama banget. Ga cuma sama Mbak Astri nya, tapi juga sama Mba Pinky nya (Mbaknya Mba Astri). Dan lebih hebatnya lagi, suami yang biasanya pendiem dan malu kalo ketemu orang baru.. kok ya bisa bawel banget, kayanya istrinya aja hampir kalah bawel deh! dan obrolannya nyambung benerrr antara suami dan Mbak Pinky itu yang ternyata sama2 di dunia asuransi. Bener2 senenggg!

Sesuai janji gue sm Mbak Astri buat ngajarin cara pake alat untuk pempek keriting, jadi lah hari itu gue bikin adonan dan bermain dengan adonan si Keriting. dan memang ga bisa dibohongi, dengan jam terbang Mbak Astri yang setinggi itu, cukup sekali penyet2, udah jadi cantik aja itu si keritingnya.

Selanjutnya, cukup diceritain lewat foto2 aja ya 😀

mejeng bareng Mbak Astri & Mbak Pinky

Semoga ada kesempatan ketemu lagi di lain waktu ya, Mbak.. beserta precils nya. Sukses selalu untuk semuanya. Semoga lain kali aku yang ada kesempatan buat ngobrak ngabrik dapurnya Mbak Astri di Canberra jadi volunteer helper *maunyaaaa*

Peluk hangat dari kami (Aku & Mbak Siti maksudnya) dan salam hangat dari Ivan 🙂

Paris Van Java day 2

Kalo holiday sama suami, biasa kita ga maksain harus bangun pagi, tapi kita juga ga bangun terlalu siang biar wiskul nya ga ada yg ketinggalan. Jadi, hari kedua dimulai jam 9an pagi. Ga mau rugi krn dpt breakfast, kita tetep sarapan di hotel. Gue sih cuma ngopi yang wajib hukumnya trus makan sedikit bubur. Suami gue dong tetep jagoan makannya -.-”

Selesai breakfast, siap2, kita balik ke FO lagi soalnya kmrn lupa beli oleh2 buat sepupu dan tante2. Duh dpt dress ciamikkkk bgt, tapi apa daya yah, kependekan di gue, jadinya gue tetep beli tapi buat sepupunya ivan yg petite sekali.

Dari FO kita mulai wisata kulinernya. Tadinya mau langsung ke mie rica kejaksaan, apa daya Bandung hujan. Jadinya kita melipir ke Braga Citywalk, mampir ke the Kiosk. Seperti biasa gue setoran makan, Mie Kocok

Mie kocok ini wajib hukumnya kalo gue ke Bandung. racikannya selalu sama, kurangin mie, banyakin toge, banyakin sambel dan cuka putih, plus sedikit kecap manis. *obat maag langsung siap sedia. Hahaha. Sedangkan suami, cukup ngeliatin sambil menikmati teh poci.


Selesai makan, pas banget ujan reda. Kita langsung jalan kaki ke jalan kejaksaan, makan mie rica. Gue lupa loh yg enak itu yg asin apa yg manis, secara udah lamaaaaaa bgt ga kesana, dan tiap ke Bandung ga pernah sempet kesana lg. Soalnya ga ada yg doyan selain gue, nah kalo holiday berdua gini lebih enak, suami pasti mau nemenin 😀




Minuman yg putih itu, es soda susu. Mendadak selama di Bandung suami minum itu setiaap ke tmpt makan yg ada menu itu. New fave beverage kayanya. Setelah makan, kok ternyata ga seenak dulu yaaaa??? Maafkan aku, sepertinya aku takkan kembali lagi.

Masih di sekitar Braga, dari mie rica, kita lanjut ke tmpt favorit suami. Toko kue Sumber Hidangan. Pertama tau toko ini dikenalin sama om gue yg emang di Bandung. Sekali diajak kesana, suami ketagihan. Tokonya masih pake desain lama gitu, dan jualannya kue2 jaman Belanda gitu. Gue sih ga doyan, tapi suami suka. Compromise namanya, saling nemenin. Suami makan kue, gue minum kopi susu.




Pas kopinya keluar, gue langsung kecewa dong ah.. Penampakannya kaya kopi instan gitu. Gue pun sempet ngomong sm suami “yaaaah kopi instan deh ini” . Eh, tau2nya pas diseruput, BUKAN loh!!! Kopinya unik banget, ada rasa moca syrup atau sirop apa lah itu. Dan cuma 5rebu aja sodara-sodara! Emang bener, don’t judge a book by its cover. Hehehe.

Naaah, selesai dari Braga kita balik ke hotel. Istirahat sebentar, tidur siang, janjian sm temen buat dinner jam 7 di tmpt makan. Tapi sblm makan sm temen, kita melipir dulu ke Mama’s kitchen yang di sebelah hotel makan pork ribs, seporsi bedua, plus potato cream soup buat gue.


Dari Mama’s Kitchen, kita langsung meluncur ke Kambing Bakar Cairo yang nan tersohor itu sekalian buat ketemuan sama temen kita pas dulu sama2 kuliah di canada. Sesuai saran si teman, kita ke Kambing Cairo yang di jalan pelajar pejuang. Bermodalkan Google Maps, kita sampai disana. Google Maps rocks!!





OMG!! Ini kambing bakar juara banget. Gue order bagian paha 250gr, suami bagian punggung 350gr, dan gue menyesaaaalll kenapa ga mesen yg 500gr. It wasn’t enough at all. Damn, kapan yah bisa kesana lagi!!!! Kalo sop mesirnya biasa aja, ga nyoba pun ga akan nyesel kok. And the nicest part, meeting an old friend after years not seeing each other. Dan ternyata sama2 doyan makan juga. Jadinya dari kambing cairo, kami pun lanjut ke C’Mar. Makan nasi campur2 gitu.

Gue makan nasi pake bakwan sayur, sop daging sedikit, jengkol (ehm), usus dan babat goreng, plus gulai buat sharing.

Dan suami, gue lupa apa aja. Yg pasti ada tahu, secara dia tofu freak.


Si C’Mar ini konsepnya, lauknya dijembreng, trus kita dikasih piring kosong, dan kita boleh ambil nasi dan lauknya sesuka kita. Tempatnya ruameeee banget, semakin malem semakin rame loh, pdhl kita aja disana sampe jam 10 lewat. Ajaib!!

Sekian untuk day 2, perut gue udah mau meletus rasanya pas nyampe hotel. Haha.