We are Pregnant

Yup, the title says it all. After a loooong wait to share to the whole universe, we are joyful to say that:


Our baby miracle is on his/her way, we are now 13 weeks pregnant.

All of you must have known that it has been a struggle for us to have a baby. After a failed IUI, and failed IVF last December, God has HIS own perfect plan for our lives.

I have posted on my facebook, how my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and all I wanted was a baby, and Dear God fulfilled my wish in His own way.  3 days before my birthday, we found out that we’re pregnant, and we conceived naturally without any medical treatment.

How Did We Find Out?

Hubby was sick for 4 days, and I became a full time housewife taking care of my husband. On March 3rd around midnight I woke up, I realized that my period had been 3 days late, but I thought it could be because of the injection that I had.. since I was also 3 days late the previous month. So, I went back to sleep. The next morning, I had my first morning pee, and my period hadn’t come yet. In the middle of me peeing, I remembered I had a pregnancy test at home, so I held my pee, looking for the test pack and I found one. I peed on it, then I put it on the floor. I didn’t want to really see it, because I had seen soooo many negative result, so when I picked it up few minutes later, I didn’t have much expectation. But then, I was shocked, I saw TWO STRIPES on it, and my hand was shaking, I couldn’t stop shaking.. I ran outside the bathroom to find my husband who’s still very weak sitting at the sofa.. and I told him.. “I think we’re pregnant”

He was stunned.. and there goes the stupid conversation..

Ivan: Kok bisa? (How come?) Let me see it. How do you know if it’s pregnant? *And I was crying and crying hugging Ivan, and said “Why God is so very kind to us?*
Me: It’s two lines, it means that we’re pregnant
Ivan : let me see the instruction
Me : -.-“
Ivan: are you sure it’s right? maybe you took the test wrong
Me: So, do you want to see doctor Nando or not?
Ivan: you should take another test, if it’s positive then we go see doctor.
Me: okay.. let me finish my work first, then I’ll do another test.

I was still shaking and speechless, and I sent the picture of the testpack to our friend to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming. and she was soooo excited and said you’re definitely pregnant, Ping.  I called my mom, and I cried.. and my mom was soooo happy, and screaming like crazy. Haha! That was one of the best moment.


I went down to Kedai, finished all the orders first, while my mind was everywhere, and I couldn’t wait to buy new test packs. Right after I finished my work, I went downstairs and got myself two test packs, and I did the test at the public toilet.. and I was soooo nervous, and afraid that what if it’s only one line. and there were two lines! I sent the picture to Ivan, and he said, okay we go see dr Nando. I called BIC (Bunda International Clinic) around 9 am, and the nurse said the doctor will only be there until 10 am, and we rushed to the hospitals.

We waited anxiously to see the doctor, and the first thing Ivan did when we saw the doctor, he brought a green plastic bag contained 3 test packs, and showed it to the doctor.

Ivan: Ini Dok.. tadi pagi test begini… “This, doc.. we got these this morning”
dr Nando: waaah ini mah udah hamil .. yuk kita usg. (waah, this is definitely pregnant, let’s do the ultrasound”

and we did our first ultrasound, and dr Nando found the little sac of our baby. and my tears of joy couldn’t stop dropping… *and I am still crying writing this blog*  That’s the feeling that I will never forget, and all I could say many times during the ultrasound “Thank you Lord.. Thank You…”

We took the blood test, beta HcG to make sure that we’re pregnant, and other tests. and I couldn’t wait to call the nurse to know the result. I called at 5ish PM, and the nurse said the number is 672 and I should whatsapp dr Nando to understand the result. I asked the nurse, what’s the number to be diagnosed with pregnant, she said 5. So I said to the nurse, Sus.. 5 to 672 is very farrrr.. that means I’m pregnant right? and the nurse still said, Ibu, you better whatsapp dr Nando. oh Cr*p I thought, what’s going on…

I whatsapp dr Nando and he replied very late which made me even more anxious . I couldn’t focus on my friend’s surprise birthday, kept checking on my phone waited for reply from dr Nando. and he finally replied and he Said..” that means Ibu is pregnant, and very good. Congratulations!  and you can come see me again next week”

WoooW!!!! That was a huge relief, and I was over the moon. And that is the same day we had our church fellowship, and my husband shared the news to our closest friends who never stopped praying for us. It was magical, and unforgettable experience.

Week 5, we went to see dr Nando, and heard our baby’s heart beat for the first time. It’s just an incredible experience, I can’t describe it, and again.. my tears of joy cannot stop dropping. and all dr Nando said.. this is the miracle baby yaaa.. after 8,5 years of waiting..


Yes.. Indeed our baby is a miracle 🙂